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fubar73 asked:

Have missed yr vids have the tumblr police bin on your case

It’s been so cold here that I have been wearing stockings lately. And u and I both know that tumblr has a fit when I show my nylons.
It’s supposed to warm up next week. Think of some suggestions :)


Anonymous asked:

So you get turned on when you catch the boys at work looking up your skirt. Do you ever get so turned on that you have to run off and masturbate? That would be an awesome video to post.

I get very turned on when I catch them looking at my panties, but I entice them. Sometimes I’ll bend over in such a way that shows an upskirt panty peek. Other timed I squat down on my ankles which will show a full on panty shot.
I love to catch them looking. I know they are jerking off thinking of my panties.
I do masturbate at work, but I usually rub off a quick one at my desk. Tumblr would have a heart attack if I filmed that!
I can try for u though ;)

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